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Specialized surgeon with mastery in cosmetic vaginal surgery and vaginal rejuvenation.

Dr. Lazare is a highly rated and trusted surgeon. Patients visit him from all of Lower Mainland, rest of BC & Canada.

"I only have great things to say about this doctor. Dr. Lazare gave me my confidence and my life back."

“I had immediate trust and confidence in Dr. Lazare as his knowledge and explanation of available options was very informative and helpful. I highly recommend this treatment to anyone struggling with bladder leakage after multiple pregnancies. It has truly been life changing for me. I am able to run and lift weights without worrying about an embarrassing bladder leak. Life changing!

“I was referred to Dr. Lazare by an obgyn because he felt that Dr. Lazare was better skilled to perform the surgery that I needed. At the first visit, he was very kind and knowledgeable and answered every question I had in terms that I could fully understand. He gave me some printed handouts to take home and read as well so I would know exactly what his plan was and what I might expect afterwards. I recovered well, with no complications. At my 6 weeks check-up, I was so grateful to hear that I could carry on with no limitations. The whole experience was far simpler than I expected, and in my opinion, I couldn’t have been in better hands. The office is very well run, and Kim keeps in contact with anything you might need to know. All in all start to finish, I couldn’t have asked for any better treatment. 5 stars in every way.”

“Unusual to have an assessment with a surgeon, to have him suggest NO surgery. Back to physio and exercise to regain healthy pelvic floor muscles, in my case. I am much relieved and very happy with the Assessment advice. Professional and caring.”

This doctor is compassionate kind and knowledgeable. He help d with pelvic floor issues and recommended physio with a follow up in 3 months.

I was referred to Dr. Lazare for a surgical consult for a rectocele, and I was so happy with my experience. My appointment was not rushed, calm and I didn’t feel pressured to get the surgery although he assured me he could help surgically if I chose to do so. I ended up having the surgery and I can confidently say he did and excellent job and the whole experience has been smooth. He looks after his patients! Would highly recommend.

I only have great things to say about this doctor. I was referred for leaking and saw Dr. Lazare. He was patient in listening to my problem and examining me. I felt like he went through all the options and explained the pros and cons of each. In the end I decided to go ahead with a mesh sling. I understood the risks and have no regrets. I can trampoline with my kids and run without leaking. Dr. Lazare gave me my confidence and my life back.

Today, I had an appointment regarding uterine prolapse with Dr Lazare. I was seen by Dr Sophia Badowski who is teaming up with Dr Darren for a 2 year program. I have not yet met Dr Darren, but I was very pleased and indeed grateful to have had my consultation with Dr Sophia. She was friendly, very knowledgeable, and clarified to a tee my problem without mentioning that she answered all my questions. We also discussed the best treatment. namely repairing the vaginal native tissues, both cystocele and rectocele. I felt very comfortable going ahead with the surgery following her explanation. I am very thankful that Dr Lazare appointed such a brilliant lady on his team.

I was referred to Dr. Lazare by my G.P. for a second opinion after I suffered a catastrophic surgical complication after surgery to remove cancer. Dr. Lazare took me on as his patient, always made time to talk with me and explain things. He is such a kind and positive person, his confident, caring attitude convinced me that he could perform a successful repair surgery and gave me hope during a time where I had little. I am happy to say that this past summer, Dr. Lazare performed a very technical and complicated surgery on me and it was 100% successful. If you are looking for the best, Dr. Lazare is it! Thanks to this wonderful doctor for giving me my life back.

I’m 50 and had successfull bladder sling surgery done by Dr. Lazare. Zero complaints, I felt well taken care though out the process. Why did I wait so long!

Dr Lazare is a caring and kind individual who changed my life for the better with his surgery. You can tell that he is very genuine and takes the time to listen and treat each patient as an individual

Very happy with Dr. Lazare and the surgery he did for me.

I was suffering with terrible hip pain after a gynecologist in the Interior installed a TOT bladder sling. After doing my research I found out that there are only a handful of fully trained super-specialists in B.C. who can safely remove the entire mesh sling. Today I am pain free and grateful to Dr. Lazare for his technical skill and compassion.

I would just like to thank Dr. Lazare, Dr. Neufeld and all the support staff that looked after me during my exploratory surgery recently. I was introduced to all the staff in the OR before my surgery and really felt that I couldn’t have been better looked after. I have had problems with anaesthetics in the past so they certainly considered this when administering pre surgery medication. I had no nausea at all when I awoke. I would certainly highly recommend Dr. Lazare for his care and dedication to getting the best outcome for his patients.

January 2019, I had a bladder sling put in by Dr. Lazare. He is a very kind and genuine doctor. I felt like I was well taken care of throughout the whole process. I did not have any complications or problems. I recommend this doctor.

Back in 2012 I have a very difficult delivery of my daughter. I ended up with a rectovaginal fistula. I was referred to Dr Lazare. First off, he is a VERY kind and genuine human being with a good soul. I never felt rushed with him. He’s very knowledgable and knows what he’s doing. I am VERY picky with doctors who care for me as I have experienced my fair share of terrible doctors. He far surpassed my expectations. Before my surgery I was VERY nervous..he calmed me down. Made me feel at ease. After surgery, he made sure my pain would be kept under control. He saw me for follow up appointments. And inserted and IUD for me. The way that I view it is, when you go in for surgery, your putting your life in the care of that doctor. Anything can go wrong in surgery. I’d put my life in his hands ANY day. He’s absolutely phenomenal.

I was sent to Dr. Lazare after having two other surgeries for a stubborn leaky bladder. I have only the best things to say about him and his entire team (nurse Christine!) for fixing the problem. The entire journey was excellent from my first visit to surgery at Surrey. He patiently ran through all the options out there (surgeries, pessaries, physiotherapy ). In the end we removed my old mesh and put in a new one made from my own tissues. Thank you Dr. Lazare, I finally have my life back!

A big thank you to Dr. Lazare and his surgical team. I just had my surgery a week today and I feel great. It took me a year to get my consultation appointment and another year for my surgery. It was well worth the wait, because I know I was in the most capable hands. I am not going to lie, I was really scared as the surgery date came closer. Thanks to all the positive and reassuring reviews I read about Dr. Lazare that put me at ease. I went into surgery totally relaxed and confident that I was in the the most capable hands. Everything went really well and I was discharged the next day. He is a wonderful person with a very good personality. He is very experienced and knowledgeable in his field. I 100% recommend him to any women who have any kind of women problems. Looking forward to my 6 week follow up appointment.

Thank you so much to Dr. Lazare and his team. Dr. Lazare was so professional and compassionate at all the appointments i had. His staff is also second to none. I felt very comfortable with him and he was extremely knowledgeable in his field. He answered all my questions and he was very punctual at my appointments. I was very fortunate to get in to see him initially on a cancellation. He has a way of putting you at ease and making you feel very comfortable . Great sense of humour. Thank you to all of you and those wonderful nurses in the day surgery area. So glad he was the specialist my doctor referred me to.

Thank you to Dr. Lazare and his wonderful surgical team. You were all so professional, kind and informative before and after my surgery! As well, Dr. Lazare and my Anesthesiologist both had a wonderful sense of humour which completely made me at ease. Thank you all!

Dr Lazare is very knowledgable and has a way of making one feel at ease. I would highly recommend him.

It has been 6 weeks since my hysterectomy. I feel great and owe it all to Dr. Lazare and his team.

Dr. Lazare has been my gynecologist for over a year now. He has always been attentive, understanding, and thorough along with being the sincerest and most caring doctor (and possibly person) I have ever met. I would highly recommend him to anyone, especially if you have surgical needs.

Highly reccomend Dr.Lazare and his team. Very bright, helpful, & kind! So pleasant and informative to me with my myriad of questions. Surgerical experience was remarkable! Feel so much gratitude to be in his care.

Just had my first visit with Dr Lazare, and he was wonderful, polite and very caring. If you have to find a wonderful (OBGYN) he is the Doctor. I was anxious and he made me feel relaxed and at ease. thanks Dr Lazare and your team.

Love Dr. Lazare!!! Gives off a great vibe which comforts you and has you feeling very reassured!

He’s the best. No one would ever ask to see another doctor. He’s a keeper!

I found my experience with Dr Lazard and his staff to be very positive, he answered all my questions and made suggestions, I had a full Hysterectomy on May 12th and recovered very well no infections , he’s an easy going Doctor with a great sense of humour and very proficient, love the less time in the bathroom everything works better now, he’s worth the wait.

Dr Darren Lazare is a great doctor made me feel at ease. Saw me before surgery and the day of surgery before and after I woke up. Explained how everything went. Had to see him as I had a infection and Kim was great fit me in as soon as she could. You may have to wait a bit to see him but he is worth it. I know he is very busy and did not want to bother him. He explained that is what he is there for to see his patients. Rather then me stew about something is wrong to come in and see him.

Sweetest Doctor ever! Super knowledgeable and very sympathetic towards situations and has incredible mannerism. Highly recommend him!!

Really kind and knows his stuff! Would totally recommend him!